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RSS On The Campaign Trail

On The Campaign Trail

Quad-City Times political reporter Ed Tibbetts discusses the news of the day as it pertains to politics.

RSS Race Trax

Race Trax

Quad-City Times sports copy editor Nate Bloomquist discusses motorsports from the Quad-Cities and beyond.

RSSThe Workin' Mom

The Workin' Mom

Quad-City Times features reporter Kay Luna is a new mommy (again) with an infant daughter and a teenage son. Kay writes about juggling life at home and in the office.

RSSThe Hole Story

The Hole Story

Sports writer Craig DeVrieze takes a swing at the exhilarating and aggravating game of golf, covering topics ranging from pro tours to youngsters, from the state of his own sorry game to that of the transcendent Tiger Woods and all manner of golf in between.



Deirdre Cox Baker, health reporter for the Quad-City Times, blogs on all things related to developing and keeping a healthy lifestyle.

RSSThe Burke Show

The Burke Show

Local arts, entertainment, radio and TV happenings, opinions and news that can't wait to get into print. Tune in

RSSPolice Beat

Police Beat

Law enforcement reporter Tom Geyer shares bits from his beat.

RSSGreen Sleeves


An environmental/nature blog for the Quad-Cities, reporter Alma Gaul talks about groups and happenings, issues, inspiring books and nature spots.

RSSDooley Noted (Education)

Dooley Noted

From education reporter Sheena Dooley comes a blog aimed at forming an online community around local school districts.

RSSQC Watchblog

Q-C Watchblog

The Quad-City Times reporters who cover Bettendorf, Davenport, Scott County and the Illinois Quad-Cities give you news, notes and anecdotes that happen beyond meetings and without press releases.

RSSQC Times Classics

Quad-City Times Classics

Revisit some gems from the archives of the Quad-City Times.

RSSOut & About

Out & About

As a 20-something resident of the Quad-Cities, Stephanie De Pasquale focuses on area nightlife, live music and events her generation, and the young at heart, enjoy.

Recent Posts

What makes you save?

It takes a lot of determination, planning and creativity to be a super coupon-cutting, sales-hunting shopper. For some, it’s a necessity to survive. For others, it’s a hobby. So, what’s your story? Tell me all about it (or as much as you care to tell!) in an e-mail at kluna@qctime…

Sweat, sequins and an ostrich

Monday night's practice for Ballroom with the Quad-Cities Celebrities was H-O-T, and I don't mean I've figured out a way to make my salsa routine look sexy. …

Have a question for the “American Pickers”?

I'll be chatting Wednesday with Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz, the LeClaire, Iowa, businessmen who have found fame with the History cable TV channel show "American Pickers." …

Characters, intellectual demand are what set ‘Lost’ apart

Watching “Lost” has kind of been like taking my senior seminar on James Joyce’s “Ulysses.” It is not a book in which you will understand everything that is happening on the first read, and e …

Roxanne Conlin airs first TV ad

The Conlin campaign says it’s first TV ad is going up next week. …

Sexy? Not me

I don't do sexy, which is a little bit of a problem when it comes to fine-tuning my salsa routine for Ballroom with the Quad-Cities Celebrities on June 4 at the Capitol Theater in Davenport. …

Work and play

Now that spring is in full swing, my 3-year-old daughter, Babycakes, is constantly asking to go outside and play — and I think that’s great. I’d much rather see her hankering for the outdoors instead of being a couch potato (although sometimes, I’d secretly rather just stay …

You go, Molly

It’s a gloomy afternoon, so here’s a feel-good story about a Quad-City mom who needed help, after her job was eliminated in a corporate downsizing last summer. Molly Haan, 36, of Geneseo, Ill., hasn’t worked since her job was cut. She counts on unemployment benefits to help sus…

Senior suicides

A spouse who’s died, ill health or substance abuse that causes a senior citizen to move into a residential home is the root cause of a rising rate of suicide, according to U.S. researchers in a report released this week. Residential settings such as retirement and nursing homes typicall…

Fall TV: 2 new shows on CW

The CW wraps up the fall TV schedule announcements this week, and a couple of shows are being shuffled. Here's the lineup: MONDAY 7 p.m. - 90210 8 p.m. Gossip Girl TUESDAY 7 p.m. One Tree Hill 8 p.m. Life Unexpected WEDNESDAY 7 p.m. America's Next Top Mode…

The Quads

Show to see - Midwest progressive rock band The Station is coming to The District of Rock Island this Friday, May 21, with a show at RIBCO, 1815 2nd Ave. …

Fall TV: CBS moves 2 CSIs, Survivor and Big Bang Theory

CBS has added five new shows, but changed the time periods of five of its shows, including "CSI: NY" (moved to Fridays), "CSI: MIami" (to Sundays), "Survivor" (to Wednesdays), "Medium" (an hour earlier on Fridays) and "The Big Bang Theory" (which will move to 7 p.m. Thursdays, leading into " $#*! My…

Busting my rear on the dance floor

It's crunch time for Ballroom with the Quad-City Celebrities, which means I'm busting my rear on the dance floor, both figuratively and literally. …

Nuts to us

Imbibing a few nuts a day is good for those who watch their cholesterol level. (I so love to learn that some food item I crave is actually good for me.) According to a new study reported on a New York Times blog site called “Vital Signs,” you’ll need about 2.5 airplane snac…

Pampers in a bind

So, when I first read about the big Internet flap over Pampers’ new diapers, my first thought was: “Wow. We don’t buy diapers anymore. Gosh, I’ll never have a child young enough for diapers again.” Wah. right?! Apparently, I’m having a little age crisis this mor…

Fall TV: Seven new shows on ABC

ABC has added seven new shows, one sitcom (in the middle of Comedy Wednesday), five dramas and one reality show. Here's the schedule, with new shows in bold: MONDAY 7 p.m. Dancing with the Stars 9 p.m. Castle TUESDAY 7 p.m. No Ordinary Family 8 p.m. Dancing with the Sta…

Med students are artists, too

“My sister had a bad breast. I found the knife to cut it off. She showed me how the wound had swollen red tenderness as the wound healed I held her.” That’s the first stanza from a prize-winning poem titled “Amazons,” by Kate Hawley, who attends the Sout…

Branstad raised $1.6 million since January

Republican candidate for governor Terry Branstad’s campaign said today he’s raised $1.6 million from the start of the year to May 14. He’s at nearly $3.2 million for the campaign. Finance reports are due Wednesday. …

Fall TV: Fox adds three shows

There's only three new shows on Fox's fall schedule, announced this morning: MONDAY 7-8 PM HOUSE 8-9 PM LONESTAR (new) TUESDAY 7-8 PM GLEE 8-8:30 PM RAISING HOPE (new) 8:30-9 PM RUNNING W…

Fall TV: NBC doubles up on "L&O," moves "30 Rock"

This is one of my favorite weeks of the year -- when the networks announce their upcoming fall schedules -- and they're coming fast and furious this year. Despite bumping off the original "Law & Order," NBC will have two other version of Dick Wolf's series on Wednesdays, with "SVU" at 8 p.m.…

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